DrupalCamp Wrocław 2013 is a conference organized for CMS Drupal community and others interested in the software. For two days (Saturday and Sunday), there will be lectures and workshops given by the Drupal experts. The conference is free to attend.

We organize the DrupalCamp Wrocław conference for the second time encouraged by the success of last year’s edition ( . There were lots of lecturers as well as those who wanted to hear the lectures (120 participants) and sponsors. CMS Drupal community could have met for the first time in Poland. A big dose of knowledge along with the openness let the participants spend their time in great atmosphere. We have not waited long for the effects – three new groups of users were created in Wrocław ( ), Poznań and Gdańsk ( . We have received a great response from program- mers and users; that is why we have decided to double the number of volunteers and prepare additional offers.

Drupal Camp conferences are directed to the communities from particular regions and have been organized periodically in almost all bigger cities of Western and Central Europe as well as in the United States. They are the perfect place for getting familiar with technology and people creating it.

The aim of the conference is to share specialists’ knowledge about Drupal with less experienced users. It is an excellent place for the promotion of firms using CMS Drupal and a chance of meeting new employers as well as employees and clients. Many Polish Drupal experts have already announced their active participation in the conference.
With our proposal we would like to encourage you to help with organization of the second conference in Poland devoted to CMS Drupal. We believe that the event will attract many experts, at the same time allowing you to promote your own business. Later in this newsletter, we will characterize potential recipients, advertising possibilities and we will describe the benefits which such cooperation may bring to you.

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