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In order to stay relevant and be competitive, Drupal shops need to shift focus to delivering business value, and not just code. The usual "sites done to spec" offer fights for attention alongside thousands of web shops and customers are unable to winnow competitors by anything but price, leading to a downward spiral of botched projects, burnt customer trust and shops struggling with margins. In this session I will show how focusing on delivering business value is a strategy that leads to happier and trusting customers and puts pal back in Drupal.
See how shifting to talking business value with the customer will change your role and transform the agency vs. customer relationship into real teamwork, making specification-disputing trench warfare a thing of the past.
Gain insight into how you can apply lean startup practices to build a testable, provable and tangible minimum viable product for the project which informs better decisions than mockups and requirements ever will.
Learn a proven method to analyze and understand your customer's business case, their expected return and manage projects to deliver exactly that.
Find out why usability and UX are key to success, why you need to integrate them with your offer, and why they tie in tightly with the value a project generates for your customer.
Get an insight into how all this helps reduce workplace stress and create a better and more attractive workplace to help you attract and retain talent.
I've presented this session at DrupalCamp Oslo, DrupalCamp Copenhagen and Drupal Business Days in Vienna previously, and it's been quoted "best of conference."